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Mendocino Herb Company Blog — Garden Tips

Going Off the Grid is Easy (sort of)

Garden Tips Off the Grid Solar Power

Off the Grid Style Buying raw land or any type real estate for that matter is always a serious investment and is often life changing, so it is not to be taken lightly. If you are loaded and are just ‘parking your money' the following tips probably won’t apply to you as you can just purchase something which is already established and set up, either on or off the grid.  But, if you are like most of us you need to carefully figure out just what you can afford and where you can do it.  It’s exciting when you reach...

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My 2500 Square Feet

Biodynamic Follow a dream Garden Tips Marijuana Legalization

My 2500 Square Feet   Preface   This is a description of a three year old garden full of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. The space is not too large, but despite the small footprint, there is plenty of abundant work to be done in it. Currently the most fascinating thing about this garden to ponder is envisioning it as a licensed medical marijuana grow under the newly enacted laws signed by Governor Brown in October 2015. The 'specialty garden’ is defined as anything 5000 square feet or less and is the smallest size available with a state certified license....

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Tending the Soil

Composting Garden Tips Healthy Soil

Compost pile TENDING THE SOIL Your garden is not much more than a reflection of your soil. Composting all weeds, plant leftovers, veggie kitchen waste, leaves from oak trees, grasses turned to hay, layered with dirt from your garden will pay you back. This natural recycling returns nutrients to the soil and encourages microbial growth both which in turn foster healthier plants into the future. Humus will also be formed in the pile thereby improving any soil type once applied.  A healthy vibrant soil ensures an equally healthy vibrant garden. The need for fertilization is greatly reduced by consistently applying...

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