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6 Lessons Learned from a Mini Hoop House Experiment

Growing Cannabis Hoop House Outdoor Organic

    In preparing to build my first hoophouse a disproportionate amount of time was spent searching the internet in regards to building the best hoop house for my needs. Nobody seemed to construct a simple hoop house tall enough for my vision, and some were way too complicated . In the end I chose my own dimensions and just made it work. This was an experiment after all, a form of research and development that taught me many things. The hoop house was located in a sunny spot in a south facing meadow. It receives some of the first...

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Going Off the Grid is Easy (sort of)

Garden Tips Off the Grid Solar Power

Off the Grid Style Buying raw land or any type real estate for that matter is always a serious investment and is often life changing, so it is not to be taken lightly. If you are loaded and are just ‘parking your money' the following tips probably won’t apply to you as you can just purchase something which is already established and set up, either on or off the grid.  But, if you are like most of us you need to carefully figure out just what you can afford and where you can do it.  It’s exciting when you reach...

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Mendocino Cannabis Summit 2016

Cannabis Activism Follow a dream Marijuana Legalization MMRSA SB643

Went to the cannabis summit last week in Ukiah. It was the last of 24 public meetings held around the State of California. The summit was moderated and promoted by the California Growers Association and the Harvest Law Group. Yes, these are serious entities holding public meetings statewide following the signing of three medical marijuana bills by Governor Brown. There were only about 80 people in the audience, more or less. Moderated by Hezekiah Allen, the brains behind the California Growers Association, he is currently a medical marijuana lobbyist in Sacramento who was instrumental in the development of the three...

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My 2500 Square Feet

Biodynamic Follow a dream Garden Tips Marijuana Legalization

My 2500 Square Feet   Preface   This is a description of a three year old garden full of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. The space is not too large, but despite the small footprint, there is plenty of abundant work to be done in it. Currently the most fascinating thing about this garden to ponder is envisioning it as a licensed medical marijuana grow under the newly enacted laws signed by Governor Brown in October 2015. The 'specialty garden’ is defined as anything 5000 square feet or less and is the smallest size available with a state certified license....

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The Road to Marijuana Legalization

Follow a dream Marijuana Legalization

The Road to Marijuana Legalization   Here are some important milestones leading up to the current marijuana legalization trends. As you can see it hasn’t happened overnight. Also this is by no means a complete list of all players and speed bumps encountered on the road to legalization, but in all it is interesting to think about. 1965 John Coltrane’s timeless album  “A Love Supreme” is released. It was a musical precursor leading to the game changing dawning of the age of Aquarius. 1967 Jimi Hendrix releases “Purple Haze” 1969 the "Summer of Love". Hippies culminate a mass movement in...

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